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Back Of The Gig #3


Image of Back Of The Gig #3

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Size: A5

Pages: 12

Back Of The Gig #3 is mostly music reviews, but in the loosest sense of the term. I spend more time talking about traffic than I do about bands. So if you would like to hear about how busy the M5 is on a Friday night, then this zine is for you!

Bands 'reviewed' include: Martha, Alimony Hustle, Elly Kingdon, Grace Petrie, Jim Lockey, The Spook School, Peaness, Radiator Hospital, Tellison, Fresh, Happy Accidents, and Itoldyouiwouldeatyou.

Once again, I've attempted to draw the whole thing in a cartoon format even though I can't draw very well and I don't have the patience to draft anything.

Also features a poem about why people should not talk at gigs.

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